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Walk out of American Coin and Jewelry Gallery at Dayton, OH with money in your pocket today. Don't convince yourself that your watch isn't valuable no matter if it's stopped ticking or not. Bring it in and get top dollar cash returns today.

•  Rolex

•  Omega

•  Longines

•  Hamilton

Whether you're looking to sell an old watch or buy one for yourself, we're here to help. Stop in today!

Has your watch stopped

keeping time? Sell it to us today!

If you're looking to buy a new quality watch for yourself or as a gift, we have a large selection of quality watches for you to choose from.

For more details about buying or selling an old watch, call 937-252-8914

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Sell your watches and get cash in return today

If you're not able to walk in during our business hours, schedule an appointment with us today and we'll give you a good price on your schedule.

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